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Safe Deposit Box

Citizens Progressive Bank offers safe deposit boxes in various sizes that provide safe keeping and dual control for all you personal needs. For more information, contact one of our Citizens Progressive Bank offices.

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Express Telephone Banking

Have 24X7 access to current account information for your:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Loans
  • CDs

Merchant Verification and Branch locations are other options available to you on our Express Telephone Banking Service.

Call 1(866)301-1252

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VISA™ Debit Card

VISA™ Debit Card is accepted anywhere VISA™ is accepted and has an availability of ATM use throughout the US. For more information, contact one of Citizens Progressive Bank offices. To Report a Lost or Stolen Citizens Progressive Bank Debit Card Call: 1-800-500-1044

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Overdraft Privilege

Should you inadvertently overdraw your account for any reason; we can at our discretion, elect to cover your overdrafts. This service will save you the embarrassment and inconvenience of a returned check. For more information, contact one of Citizens Progressive Bank’s offices. Click here to read more.

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Overdraft Protection

In the event you should ever have transactions that would overdraw your Primary (Protected) Account, Citizens Progressive Bank will transfer funds from a Secondary account in increments of $100.00 to cover said transactions. You agree to pay $7.50 for each day a transfer is made. The transfer fee will be debited from the Secondary account. In the event the Secondary account does not have sufficient funds to satisfy the total amount needed for your overdrawn balance, Citizens Bank will transfer all possible funds in increments of $100.00 or less in order to pay as many transactions as possible. This may still leave an overdrawn balance resulting in an assessment of the $7.50 transfer fee and the standard Overdraft fee/Returned Items fee of $30.00.

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Wire Transfers

Citizens Progressive Bank can initiate and receive domestic and foreign wire transfers for customers. For more information, contact one of Citizens Progressive Bank's offices.

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Night Depository

This is a safe and easy way to deposit your items 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Citizen Progressive Bank’s night depositories are complete with dual control, lock bags, pad lock and key. For more information, contact one of Citizen Progressive Bank's offices.

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Savings Bonds Online!

Savings bonds went paperless after Jan. 1, 2012. Buy electronic bonds, safely, 24/7, at

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Direct Deposit

Enjoy this quick and easy way of depositing your monies into your account without going to the bank. Citizens Progressive Bank allows your employer to deposit payroll directly into your account. For more information, contact one of Citizens Progressive Bank's offices.

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Money Orders

Money Orders can be used for those payments not accepted with cash, personal checks or credit cards. You may purchase money orders at any Citizens Progressive Bank's offices.

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Cashier Checks

Citizens Progressive Bank issues cashier checks that guarantee funds to the payee for all customers. For more information, contact one of Citizens Progressive Bank's offices.

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Schedule of Account Fees

***Prices are subject to change***
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Online Banking

Our online banking product gives you the flexibility and security to manage everyday banking at a touch of a button. This gives you the opportunity to view accounts, transfer funds, place stop payments, re-order checks, and pay bills from any computer with internet access. These fast, easy, and convenient services provided by Citizens Progressive Bank’s online banking are available to you free of charge!

Viewing your Accounts
  • Any or all of your accounts may be viewed through the online banking system
  • You are able to view statements as well as business day transactions
  • There are search engines that allow you to search for specific checks and/or transaction that have cleared your account
  • You may export transaction to Comma Separated File (.CSV), Intuit Quicken (.QIF), Microsoft Money(.OFX) or Intuit QuickBooks (.IIF)

Transferring Funds

As long as you are an owner on both the recipient and donor account, you are allowed to transfer money to or from checking accounts, savings accounts and loan accounts.

There are two types of Funds Transfers available to you:

  • Express Transfer – Express transfers allow you to make a quick, one time transfer to and from accounts set up on your online banking
  • Transfers – Transfers allow you to schedule monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, weekly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly transfers to and from accounts set up on your online banking

  • Allows you to create a payment to any merchant
  • Payments may be scheduled to pay on demand, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, weekly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly
  • You are able to view history of payments made online
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