About Us

We're your friendly, community bank that can meet the growing demands of modern banking.

Our values go beyond balances.

We prefer to keep our focus on the local community, and our relationships in the towns we serve. While we may be small in size, we are big on our neighbors. Wear a suit or overalls when you come inside, it’s all the same to us.

We value face to face deals and handshakes. And we’re big on getting to know your name, your family and even your birthday - like we have for our customers, their parents, and even their parents’ parents over the last century. So whether you need a business loan for a new piece of equipment to harvest crops, wearing wingtips or muddy boots, applying for a loan, or just coming in to say hi, at Citizens Progressive Bank the only thing we are ‘big’ about is YOU!”

Events Calendar

May 2024

  1. 12:08AM Happy birthday to Samantha Lively at our Winnsboro branch!
  1. Day at the Lake - Poverty Point
  2. Day at the Lake at Poverty Point
  1. Hats & Horses at Louisiana Delta Community College-Monroe
  1. $5 employee jean week for charities
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  1. West Monroe-West Ouachita Small Business Awards
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  1. Columbia Lions Club rodeo parade and rodeo week begins
  1. Happy birthday to Mary Smith at our Rayville branch!
  1. Happy birthday to Morgan Huntsman at our Monroe-Sterlington Road branch!
  1. CLOSED for Memorial Day
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