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  • 1.2.17 Closed
  • 1.3.17 Franklin Parish Council on Aging Bankers Bingo
  • 1.4.17 Caldwell Parish Council on Aging Bankers Bingo
  • 1.17.17 Delhi Bankers Bingo
  • 1.23.17 Richland Council on Aging Bankers Bingo
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  • 5.1.14
    Effective May 1st, our overdraft fees increased to $30.00 per transaction. Our $2.50 continuous daily fee has been discontinued.

Remember, Citizens Progressive Bank will not call you for your personal information or account information. If you receive a phone call of this sort, please notify the bank immediately.

Important Announcement
Beginning with June’s end of month statements, our customers will have a different method for receiving their eStatements-they will receive them through Internet banking and will no longer have to access through their personal email. A customer must be enrolled in Internet banking in order to receive their statement.

Fraud Service Center

AFTER HOURS, please call:
Falcon 800-369-4887 if you have suspicious transactions that you would like to report.

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